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About Requests and Commissions

Posted by Buckenberri - September 19th, 2020

Recently I’ve received a ton of requests and even questions about commission prices. This week I decided to accept the first few requests as a test for myself to see how it goes. I’d say a lot of the requests this week were more like a free commission than a simple request which is fine since I didn't say any rules other than if I'm comfortable drawing it. I’d hate to only have commissions open as a way to request art from me so I wouldn’t mind dedicating a week at random to free requests. So I will now lay some rules down:

Requests for now on will be limited to different specific "themes" when requests are open.

For example: I’ll make a post here or on my Twitter saying "give me an 18+ female character from Legend of Zelda giving a sloppy lipstick blowjob requests" or "send me a female Fire Emblem character with less than 50 pictures on Rule 34", then the first 3 or so that I’m comfortable with will be created.

I don't know how popular this method for requests will be so it may change in the future. Maybe pick a couple followers at random and ask if they have a simple request? I'm up for ideas. There's only so many hours in the day that I can draw everyone's ideas.


If you want to request a specific character getting fucked or whatever it is you want, that will now only be done through a commission. You can hope for a themed-request that caters to your interest, or ask for a commission and get what you want guaranteed.

For what I’m willing to draw: I am ok with drawing women in sexual positions of all kinds (take a look through my gallery and my favorites). I am mainly interested and prefer drawing women from the viewer’s POV, however if there are commission requests for say, couples, men, anthro, etc. I am willing to give it my best effort if you believe in me. Same with fetishes: I’m not into much but if you want something (feet, transformation, etc.) I’ll let you know if I’m willing to try.

I will send updates on your commissioned piece such as when I start and send you a sketch before payment, and when complete I can email the .psd file with all the layers just for you if you'd like. Payment will be done through Square Up.

Also this goes without saying but I will only draw characters that are 18+. Nothing grotesque with blood, we respect women here. And I guess no vore. I'm not listing everything just ask here or DM if you’re curious.

The real reason I'm opening commissions is of course because money is good, but it will also help towards making more art. At the moment I'm using a Genius drawing tablet from like 2007 that's in bad shape: the pen nib is lopsided on one side, tablet loses pen pressure so I have to tape the wire to a certain angle, and none of the shortcut buttons work. Which sucks. At the moment I am considering this Huion tablet: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FTE9HS2/?tag=thewire06-20&linkCode=xm2&ascsubtag=AwEAAAAAAAAAATAV

So say I open 4 slots for commissions for $30 each, hey I can get a better tablet!

In the next week or so I'll be taking a break so no requests or commissions just yet (I'll still be finishing some sketches I had before the requests). I'm still working out prices and such so until then stick around and thanks for liking my art!